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Working towards BIM-enabled Facility Management Systems in the Public Sector

Adapting early-stage Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation in Germany TU Delft AR1MBE015 Research Methods 1Tutor: Prof.Dr.Paul W. Chan 06.11.2022 Abstract The push for the public construction sector to develop a standardized Employer Information Requirements (EIR) template has been the center of current research. During the development of the EIR, studies have so far focused on […]

Strategy and complexity in real estate management

The resurgence of management systems theory TU Delft AR1MBE030: Real Estate ManagementEssay on the formation of a generic real estate management theory03.02.2023 Abstract This essay reflects on the potential of the resurgence of management systems theory and the potential contemporary application of the theory. Part 1, traces the development of systems theory and its successor […]