Leonardo MIcolta Diaz

Leonardo Fred Micolta Diaz

I am a trained architect, registered in NRW, with more than 12 years of international work experience. My specialties are parametric design, technical coordination, & BIM (modelling, coordination, & management). I am currently expanding into the reasearch field, with a focus on: BIM for Facilities Management (FM) and BIM for Asset life-cycle Management. I am currently completing a master programme (MSc) at TU Delft – Management in the Built Environment (MBE). For this reason, at the moment, I am only available limited hours as a freelance architect.

Nonetheless, if you wish to collaborate, I look forward to hearing from you.

Curriculum vitae

1987: Born in Colombia
1999: Moved to California, USA
2005-2010: B.Arch Cal Poly Pomona
2008-2009: Exchange Kyushu University
2011: Moved to Beijing, China
2011-2012: Spark Architects
2012: Moved to Shenzehn, China
2012-2013: JKP Architects Shenzhen
2014: Moved to Düsseldorf, Germany
2014-2016: Ingenhoven Architects
2016-2023: Kresings Architects
2019: Register AKNW 107134
2022: Moved part-time Rotterdam, NL
2022-2024: *MSc AUBS MBE TU Delft
2023-present: freelance architect
2023-present: research associate HSD PBSA

*degree not yet conferred

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Want to reach me?

Feel free to send me an email with your inqueries at: